Friendly alien waving



created by YUTA SATO

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What does a highly advanced civilization have to do to get noticed around here?

We hail from the constellation Canis Minor and we’re here to harvest your organs and drain your oceans for rocket fuel. Kidding! That’s more of a Canis Major vibe. 

Given that your human civilization has not yet achieved interstellar travel, you are likely unaware of how lonely space is. But we are aware! So we hooked up some garvanplows to a couple of flargenbows (and a minoflor, just for giggles) and set out to find some friends in the cosmos. 

For the last hundred years, we’ve been trying to make contact with you, to no avail. But then our Lead Human Researcher made a huge breakthrough: nothing is real to humans until it is on the internet. So with the help of your Squarespace technology, we sincerely hope the 55,419th time is the charm!

  • Our understanding of time is very different from yours. Let’s just say roughly about a hundred times longer than your civilization has existed.

  • The official language of Canis Minor is Canish.

  • Friends! We want to share new experiences, our deepest darkest secrets and funny memes.

  • They’re both so cute! Nothing beats Ooflas, our own little companions, though. We had to leave them at home with a friend.

  • We understand not all humans have the time or access to travel, but honestly, every inch of your planet has something to brag about!

  • Our physical forms are much more malleable than the human body. This allows us to adapt to new environments across the cosmos. When we are on Earth, we choose to look more similar to humans for your own comfort.

  • Obviously, we have names! Ask us and we'll tell you. Just like meeting a new human friend.

  • Please don’t scream or run away! No one likes being greeted that way. Just say “howdy,” or however else you’d greet a normal human friend.

  • Not humans, if that’s what you’re wondering.

  • Technically, you could. However, because of temporal anomalies as you approach the speed of light, by the time you returned to Earth, everyone you know and love would no longer be alive.

  • Astral Paddle is the cosmos’ fastest-growing sport. We’d love to show you how it’s played.

  • It has taken hundreds of years to get your attention! Now that we have it, we want to make our efforts worthwhile. So, we’ll be around awhile.

  • Because we can change forms, sometimes we have tentacles, sometimes we don’t, whatever works best for the situation.

  • Sigh. You really need to stop asking.